Scene 1

An aged wizard sits at a table in an old abandoned castle. His trusty hawk rests on his arm. They sit without moving and the voice of a narrator fills the room:

Narrator:  “There was once a time when the study and practice of magic flourished across the known land. Wizards used their powers to improve the lives of the public and also to entertain and amaze them,

The king, however, viewed these powers as both a blight on society and a threat to the monarchy. He issued a proclamation strictly forbidding the use of magic. Some wizards fled and went into hiding, some were imprisoned, some renounced their powers, and many were killed. In a matter of years magic had been abolished and no one dared to try to resurrect it.

Centuries later, there are no known living wizards…”

The lights go up in the old castle. The wizard looks at his hawk and speaks:

Wizard: How long have we languished in hiding, Anderson? How long have we been holed up in this dark and dank castle?

Anderson: Squawk!

Wizard: Yes, yes. I know that magic was banned by the king. But that was hundreds of years ago! Since then I’ve mastered all the spells I’d hoped to learn, read every book in my library, and so immersed myself in solitude that even the ghosts and spirits began to speak to me.

And of course I’ve had you, Anderson. Do not think it’s been wholly miserable, for you have taught me the way of the birds. But at long last I am ready to seek another like me. Another wizard!


Song 1


I used to be at odds

With others of my kind

I wanted all the spells

And to leave the rest behind

But now I know there’s no use

Being the best

When you’re alone

I’ve been hiding

Many years


The return

Of magic rule around the world

But now it’s been so long

I’ve cast about with crystals

I’ve asked upon the wind

I’ve thrown the sacred sand into the fire

But still the answer is this:

There are no wizards to be detected

But perhaps their strongholds are protected

By spells that leave all mine deflected

Oh I know I can’t be the only one!


The song ends and the wizard walks towards the castle wall. He casts a spell causing the wall to shift. The wall becomes a door to the outside world. The world of present day man.

Wizard: Come Anderson, let’s face our destiny.

They exit into the world.


Scene 2

Modern times hit the wizard like a ton of bricks. The buildings, the cars, everything is foreign. It is all so new and so hurried. He and Anderson just gape at first, but at last he pulls himself together.

Wizard: Well, surely we can find magic here. It is so astounding already. Magic must have made this world!

They walk around a bit and come across a dilapidated bar. The buzzing neon sign reads “The Magic Shack”.

Wizard: My stars! Magic is now so prevalent that wizard’s services are advertised on the street! Truly we have chosen the right time to return.

They enter the bar.


Scene 3

The bar is dark except for a lit stage. A magician is on-stage mid-trick. When he finishes the sparse audience offers only lackluster applause.  The lights go up.

Magician: Thank you.  We’re going to take a quick intermission, but then I’ll be right back with more mind-boggling feats of magic (this is said completely deadpan. He is obviously aware of how little the audience cares)…

The magician heads backstage and the wizard look at Anderson.

Wizard: What on earth was that? That was not magic, it was trickery! I am confused. I must speak to this so-called wizard.

They head to where the magician is. He is in the middle of setting up and reorganizing his props.

Wizard: M’lady, how dare you call yourself a wizard?

Magician: (Laughing) What? Are you crazy? I’m a magician! What do you want?

Wizard: I have come out of hiding to find others like me. Other who excel in the magic arts!

Magician: Well, I guess you’ve come to the right place. The Society Of American Magicians meets here on the second Friday of each month. What kind of tricks do you do? Cards? Rope? Rings?  Levitation?

Wizard: My powers are almost limitless.

Magician: (Hands the wizard his deck of cards) Well, let me see something then!

The wizard accepts the cards with a look of disgust. He pulls out his wand and waves it at the cards while mumbling incantations. With a POP! the cards are reduced to dust that the wizard slowly lets drain from his hand, all the while staring into the eyes of the shocked magician.

Magician: That was amazing! Really first rate!

Wizard: That was magic, pure and simple. Not the pointless drivel you peddle to fools.

Magician: What the hell are you talking about?! Where are my cards?

Wizard: They are with your dignity! Where I come from magic is a high art form,. It isn’t used as some sort of show aimed to earn money.

Magician: Well where I come from this is my job and you’ve just stolen a deck of cards from me.

Wizard: You don’t understand. I am a true wizard. With a simple spell and a flick of my wand I can, for example, turn solid objects into vapor, change the weather, charm instruments into playing themselves, fell trees, cause shoes to dance by themselves, to name a few spells from my weighty magical repertoire.  

Magician: Then why are you at a magician’s club?

Wizard: I was hoping to find true-magic makers here.

Magician: Well it’s just us “lowly” (he uses quote hands) magicians here. I think you had better go now. “Real magic” (again with the quotes) is over.

Music starts…


Who is to say what magic is

As long as it amazes

I give life to cards with my two hands

How can you call that faking?

People come from all around

To see what I can do

I give them hope that in this world

Things aren’t always as they seem

What I do is magic in the purest form

I make something out of nothing

And give it to the world

If you say that’s wrong

Well then I don’t want to be right



I was born with the gift of my mind

I can change the weather

I can change the time

I can speak with the birds

And turn leaves into scarves

So can you see why I cannot accept you

What I do is magic in the purest form

I make something out of nothing

And give it to the world

If you say that I wrong

Well then I don’t want to be right


The music abruptly ends leaving the two magic-makers staring at each other with epic malice. They both turn and exit in opposite directions. Before they’re fully off stage the magician yells:

Magician: You know for someone so wise you sure are stupid!


Scene 4

The wizard was deflated and distraught. He wandered aimlessly and hopelessly.

Wizard: Anderson, everything has turned out wrong.  I feel more alone now than when I was locked up in my castle hideaway. What can we do? These charlatans have taken the beauty of our craft and desecrated it.  

Anderson squawks and the wizard casts a spell.

Wizard: Speak in my tongue, dear beast, and advise me!

He waves his wand and Anderson begins speaking in English.

Anderson: Sir, I thank you for letting me say my piece, but it may not be what you’re hoping to hear.

Wizard: No, go on.

Anderson: Alright, well, as you know it is not often that those of us in feathered community choose to associate with humans, wizards or otherwise.  But you have proved yourself to be respectful of our culture and customs and beneficial to us with your wisdom. We do not need you to survive, but we welcome you into our company.

Wizard: I understand that and I am grateful.  

Anderson: Well then perhaps you should look towards our actions before you judge the so-called magic-makers of this world. In time you may learn to see their value, just as the bird-kind saw it in you.

(starts to sing)

You left your cold fortress

You went out into the world

You may have reached a dead end here

But you don’t have to be alone

There are none who have your power

None with your skill

But there must be some who

You can seek out and hold dear

What is magic without witness?

Without love for what’s beyond?

Without recognition and esteem?

Please tell me where did we go wrong?

So magic now is just tricks

But mere men still have ways

To show us that everything

Everything everywhere

Is still not what it seems!



I just don’t know what to say

To hear you take the side

Of someone who has made

a mockery of my trade!



Though we speak the same tongue

I fear still you cannot hear me

First you must put aside

All your foolish pride

Because once that is done

Then your battle need not be won

And you can show the world

Both of you can show the world

that two heads are

that four hands are

so much better than one


The music fades as the wizard mulls over this birdly wisdom.


Scene 5


The wizard walked along the shore of a desolate beach. He and Anderson stared out at the crashing waves. The wizard was clearly lost in this modern world.

He sighs and looks around.


Wizard: It is not MY time to be in THIS time. My time is passed. I cannot share the world with these mortal magic makers. I CANNOT! My pride and my honor cannot reconcile it. I have made a huge mistake in coming back, Anderson. But it’s not too late for you. Your kin remain here in this modern day. Find feathered friends once more, Anderson, forget about me.


He casts Anderson off into the air and starts walking out into the waves. Anderson squawks disapproval and fear, but he is undeterred. Deeper and deeper he walks, until see him completely submerged.


Anderson: NOOOOOOOO!


The wizard surfaces, gasps, and is sucked under once again. Anderson flies around in a panic. Then, all of a sudden, the magician appears on the pier.


Magician: You may be an unkind wizard, but you’re also the best magic-maker I’ve ever met. And you’re not going to die today!


From his top coat pocket the magician pulls out a scarf. As he pulls it out, more and more scarves follow it, until he has a long rope of colorful silk squares. He tosses the end to the wizard. The wizard grabs a hold of it and, while Anderson squawks approval, he pulls the wizard up onto the pier.


Scene 5

Back at the magic club the wizard and the magician sit by the radiator, drinking tea, drying off.


Wizard: I…I want to know what your sort of magic is all about. I apologize for my harsh words earlier.

Magician: Well…I suppose I could show you a trick…

The magician does a pretty spectacular trick.

Wizard: I cannot say you don’t posses a great deal of skill. Tell me, what is the point of such trickery?

Magician: People enjoy it. They enjoy not being able to believe their own eyes.

Wizard: Curious.

Magician: Okay, your turn. Show me what your magic is.

The wizard nods and waves his wand at a cup on the table near the magician. The spell levitates the cup towards the magician, who uneasily starts to back away from it. The wizard chuckles and softly sets the cup back in his place.

Magician: That was fantastic! People would freak out if you did that for them!

Wizard: Well, perhaps I should show them then.

The magician starts pacing excitedly, obviously some good ideas are brewing.

Magician: What if we showed them together? If we teamed up, we could their blow minds like they never thought they’d be blown! We could…we could make a show! The Greatest Magic Show Of All Time!

Wizard: Well, I can’t see what the harm in that could be.  Yes…Yes, let us make such a show as the world has never seen, nor ever will see again!

The two men dash offstage to work on their opus.

Scene 6

The lights go up on a fancy stage. The show has obviously been created and is about to be unveiled. This entire scene does not involve dialogue, but does involve the most epic magic we can come up with.